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4 ideas for perfect Valentine's gift

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, February 14th offers a perfect opportunity to show affection for close friends. Since even the strongest of friendships needs to be nurtured, here are four ways to let your closet friends know how important they are to you: 1) Say it in words, definitely the best way. Call her/him or write her/him a card, note or email telling her/him just how much her/his friendship means to you. After all, Valentine's Day gives everyone license to act a bit more affectionate than usual. 2) Remind her/him visually. Send her a photo of a wonderful time you had together in the past and tell her/him how happy it makes you feel that you're still friends after all those years. 3) Give her/him the gift of time. Instead of continually saying, "We have to get together," make concrete plans. Get out your electronic calendar or datebook and set a time when you can spend quality time together, even if it's just over a cup of coffee. 4) Plan a getaway or trip together - my favorite way. Perhaps you've both been busy and haven't seen each other for a while. Your lives have diverged yet you still feel like you're kindred spirits. Make a relaxed spa date or commit to a weekend when you have uninterrupted time to make new memories. At the end you can complete your Valentine's gift with some of Armella Mea heart bracelets from the ArmellaMeaJewelry shop.

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