ponedjeljak, 28. prosinca 2015.

Blue goldstone bracelet

Feeling so happy after Christmas holidays with my family in Zell am See in Austria. It's time to go further with beading and filling my Etsy shop. Today I've listed a blue goldstone bracelet. It's a very nice bohemian bracelet in dark blue and brown colours, perfect to wear in any season. Hope you'll like it.)

ponedjeljak, 14. prosinca 2015.

Brown goldstone bracelet

One more handmade bracelet in the ArmellaMeaJewelry shop that is a perfect Christmas gift for every women. This beaded bracelet is made of 6 mm brown goldstone and is a one of a kind ArmellaMeaJewelry creation. It's about 18.5 cm long and it has a cute copper flower button at the end. When you order from ArmellaMeaJewelry Etsy shop your bracelet will be packaged in an organza bag ready for giving away.This wrap bracelet is an ArmellaMeaJewelry original design, and again there is only one of these beaded bracelet available, so once it’s gone, it is gone! Hurry up and grab it for yourself or for someone special!

subota, 12. prosinca 2015.

Gemstone beaded wrap bracelet

On my trip to Hamburg in October I buy some new gemstones and Czech fire polished light blue beads. The bead shop in Europa Passage was amazing and it was very hard to select something special to make a something new on my arrival to Dubrovnik. This is my first combination of gemstone and Czech fire polished beads and it's now available in my ArmellaMeaJewelry shop.

Gemstone beaded wrap bracelet

utorak, 8. prosinca 2015.

Romantic Christmas gift

Probably the best Christmas gift for your wife or your girlfriend is to give her the gift of your time.  Turn off your Smart Phone or iPad, forget the to-do lists, cancel the meetings, and completely focus your attention on her and let her know how much she’s appreciated. Spend an evening together and walk outdoors under twinkling lights, or just do something she loves to do.

If she is not completely satisfied with that try with Armella Mea Jewelry unique bracelets and give her your heart.

Romantic Christmas gift - Heart bracelet I

Romantic Christmas gift - Heart bracelet II

Romantic Christmas gift - Heart bracelet III

Romantic Christmas gift - Heart bracelet IV

petak, 4. prosinca 2015.

Do you need a Christmas gift for your guy?

Do you need a special Christmas gift for your boyfriend?

We have a beautiful bracelets for men. They are fully adjustable cord bracelets so they could fit for any wrist size. They are one of a kind creations by Armella Mea Jewelry.
First one is a black macrame mens bracelet with tan wooden beads.

Another one bracelet is knotted with black waxed nylon cord and hematite beads 6 mm in diameter. This bracelet is one of a kind creation as well. This hematite black bracelet is a perfect Christmas present for any modern men no matter how all is he. 

nedjelja, 22. studenoga 2015.

Perfect Christmas gifts

As a perfect Christmas gifts we offer beautiuflly crafted message bracelets with meaning. Each piece of our inspirational bracelet carries a message and holds special meaning for the wearer. They are carefully handmade of waxed cotton macrame cord in different colours. Give our inspirational bracele as a gift in this Christmas time to a special person or wear it yourself as a representation of who you are and what you believe in. Visit our Inspirational jewelry section in our Armella Mea Etsy shop.

utorak, 25. kolovoza 2015.

Rhinestone macrame bracelets

Today I want to share with you my macrame bracelets with rhinestone charms. They are so cute, very simple but when your wear them they look very exclusively. They are knotted with 1 mm waxed cotton cord in navy blue and fucsia colour. The most important thing is that they are fully adjustable and they will fit any wrist size. There is only one piece of both bracelets available in my
ArmellaMeaJewelry Etsy shop.

Butterfly bracelet


subota, 8. kolovoza 2015.

Sunset with Armella Mea

The sunset is an amazing event and I'm really lucky that I have a chance to withenss it almost every day. I knot that probably many people don't enjoy it often because we are all very busy but in this post I only want to share with you some beautiful quotes about sunset and photos that I've taken in the last few days. I used my bracelets as a models and you can always check in ArmellaMeaJewelry Etsy shop if they are still available.

"When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator."                      
                                   Mahatma Gandhi

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."
                                   Rabindranath Tagore
"Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day."
                                   Rachel Boston

nedjelja, 2. kolovoza 2015.

Pear pie by ArmellaMeaJewelry

Odlučila sam da vas neću stalno gnjaviti sa izradom novih modela narukvica jer ih izrađujem svakodnevno i svaki dan bih mogla opisati četiri ili pet novih modela nego da ću malo pisati o svemu i svačemu. Pa evo ovog puta o mirisnoj piti od krušaka.
Dobila sam na poklon gajbu domaćih krušaka, slatkih kao šećer, neprskanih a toliko puno da ih moja četveročlana obitelj ne može pojesti jer brzo propadaju. Odlučila sam napraviti pitu od krušaka jer obožavamo prhko tijesto ali jedine kombinacije koje smo do sada probali su pite od jabuka i limuna.
Našla sam neki vrlo jednostavan recept na internetu i nisam čekala ništa da odstoji ni slično, nego samo zamijesila tijesto i podijelila u dva dijela. Prvi dio razvaljala po plehu, dodala na male komadiće isjeckane kruške začinjene vanilin šećerom i cejlonskim cimetom, te drugi dio razvaljala na tanke trakice i posložila po kruškama. Pekla sam u zagrijanoj pećnici na 180 stupnje dok nije dobila lijepu boju i to je to.  Sastojke koje sam koristila su slijedeći:

35 dkg glatkog brašna                                                                                                         
6 dkg šećera                                                                        
10 dkg masla                                                                        
2 dcl (1 čašica) kiselog vrhnja                                                                        
1 jaje                                                                                                         
1 vrećica praška za pecivo                                                                        
na vrh noža soli, malo mrvica ili griza                                                                        
6-7 srednje velikih krušaka
2 žličice cimeta                                
1 žlica ruma                                
2 žlice šećera                                

Ipak, na kraju moram dodati kako sam pri izradi pite nosila ArmellaMeaJewelry narukvice kako bi
cijeli ovaj postupak bio još ljepši:)

I decided not to annoying you all the time with my bracelets and how I make them even if I do it every day and I can write every day about four of five new items. This time I want to share with you a pear pie receipe I made for my guys because I receive a whole box of domestic, organic pears.

35 dkg flour
6 dkg sugar                                                                       
10 dkg butter                                                                     
2 dcl sour cream
1 egg                                                                                                        
1 backing powder
A little bit salt

6-7 whole pears                                
2 teaspoon cinnemon                              
1 teaspoon rum
2 tablespoon sugar

And that's it.
I just want to add that I've had Armelle Mea bracelets all the time on my wrist as you can see on the photos;)